Earlier this month, Milestone co-founders Denys Cowan and Michael Davis shipped 28 pages of Cowan's original art to the Geppi Entertainment Museum, to be included in the "Milestones: African Americans In Comics, Pop Culture and Beyond" exhibit being set up at the Baltimore museum. But when the package arrived, it was discovered that 27 pages of art were missing, which Davis believes were stolen while in transit.

Writing about the situation, Davis described the pages as "not just art but history":

Included were irreplaceable work from original Milestone concept drawings to Batman #400 pages other works from both before and after those career highlights.

My work (some of it) arrived at the Geppi on Saturday. Denys’ did not. On Monday UPS says it tried to deliver Denys’s package but the Geppi was closed because of a snowstorm.

On Tuesday Denys’ box arrived. In that box was some damn fine art. Problem was 27 pieces of Denys’ 28 pieces of art were NOT in the box.

Gone. Perhaps, forever.


Davis speculates that the art was stolen, and it's easy to see why. When the box was sent, it included 28 pieces of art. It arrived with only one, and was apparently resealed "badly." Davis has contacted UPS multiple times since the package arrived, but says that so far nothing has been done.

The "Milestones" exhibit will be open through April.


[Via Robot 6]

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