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Denys Cowan's missing art is back where it belongs.

Last month it was revealed that Milestone co-founders Michael Davis and Cowan had shipped 28 pages of original art by Cowan to the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, to be included in the “Milestones: African Americans In Comics, Pop Culture and Beyond" exhibit opening in December. But when the package arrived, 27 pages were missing, and it was the belief of many, most notably Davis, that the art had been stolen. But Cowan has announced that all 28 pages have now been returned to him, though some are not in the condition they were in when they were sent out.

Upon realizing that the art had gone missing, Davis, along with the museum's owner -- as well as Diamond Comics founder -- Steve Geppi and president Missy Geppi immediately sought an explanation from UPS, while also taking to the internet to inform fans to be on the look out for anyone who may potentially be selling the art. Now the artwork has been returned to Cowan, and on his Facebook page to extend his gratitude to everyone who offered support:

First off, I would like to thank the thousands of fans who reached out concerned about my missing artwork.

Due to the efforts of my friend, Michael Davis, as well as the entire Geppi family, most especially Missy Geppi, the President of the Geppi Entertainment Museum,
UPS "found" and returned the artwork.

Every single page has been returned to me -- all 28 pieces. I'm elated, but also dismayed because of the condition of some of the artwork.

However, I'm grateful for all the love and support. It continues to help me through a tough time.

A special thanks to Steve Geppi for his personal involvement in this difficult situation.


What happened to the art is still unclear, as is the nature of how UPS handled the situation -- you'll note Cowan put the word found in quotation marks in his statement -- but what's most important is that the 28 pages are once again where they belong.

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