Archie Comics’s recent reboot titles have been on a roll lately, with the main title by Mark Waid, Fiona Staples, Annie Wu and Veronica Fish reinvigorating the classic Riverdale characters, and Chip Zdarsky & Erica Henderson’s Jughead continuing the momentum with their unique brand of zany humor. Today, via HitFix Harpy, Archie Comics has announced another talented creator will enter these ranks as Derek Charm joins the team for Jughead #7.

Charm is perhaps best known for his work on IDW’s Powerpuff Girls comics over the past several years, but he's also known for his creator-owned work Trip Fantastic, as well as his current work on Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. According to HitFix, Jughead #7 will be set during Spring Break as Jughead and Archie take some time away from Riverdale and somehow things still manage to go wrong for them.

The most recent volume of Jughead is only four issues in so far, but has proven to be one of the standout comics of the year already, full of crazy all-ages hijinx and outlandish daydream sequences casting Jughead Jones as a pirate, super-spy and time cop. It has also drawn acclaim for its handling of Jughead’s asexuality in a recent issue, addressing it directly and moving swiftly on to his latest plot to prove the new principal is using Riverdale High to train teen spies.

For more information, including an interview with Derek Charm and some of his design sheets for Jughead, Hot Dog and the rest of the Riverdale gang, check out the full coverage at HitFix Harpy.