What is a hero really without a iconic chest symbol? Judging by his prints, artist DesignoMatt doesn't seem to be too interested in anything not going on on the fronts of Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America's torsos, as all of their bodies figure prominently his work.As you'll notice on DesignoMatt's Society6 page, chests go a long way in identifying their owners. Both Iron Man and Kermit the Frog are prove the rule as well.

He does have a few faces in his portfolio as well, and they happen to be Star Wars masks that have been repurposed from Darth Vader and Boba Fett to be iPhone app icon-shaped boxes.

You could really see the Avengers movie getting a series of posters using Matt's design concepts, though. Of course, his format made need a little tinkering if he ever starts blending genders and tackles Black Widow, but we're sure he's more than capable.