Lloyd Kaufman Presents: The Toxic Avenger and other Tromatic Tales coverLloyd Kaufman Presents: The Toxic Avenger and other Tromatic Tales
Author: Lloyd Kaufman, Tim Seeley & More!
Artists: Tim Seeley, Jeremy Haun & Various
Cover Artist: Tim Seeley & James Ryman

Troma Entertainment bursts onto the comic page with a host of stories inspired by their film catalog including; Redneck Zombies, Toxic Crusaders and Cannibal the Musical! Full of the spirit that has kept Troma strong for over 30 years, this original graphic novel features zany and brilliant tales from Sean McKeever, Ivan Brandon, B. Clay Moore, Jeremy Haun, Kalman Andrasofszky, Tim Seeley and more! You've never seen Troma quite like this!

Sheena #2 coverSheena #2 (of 5)
Author: Robert Rodi (Rogue, Loki, Elektra)
Concept by Steven E. De Souza (Die Hard screenplay writer)
Artist: Matt Merhoff
Cover Artists:
A - Mike Huddleston
B - Fiona Staples
C - Tim Seeley

The steamy jungle adventure continues! What is it about the snarling, ferocious, wild girl that's being held captive in Val Verde's hospital that attracts the attention of a huge corporation like Cardwell Industries? Why is Cardwell's CEO so threatened by this girl? Why is she so blessedly sexy? All this plus Sheena vs... a doorknob?!

The Nye Incidents #3 coverThe Nye Incidents #3 [of 5]
Author: Craig Spector
Artist: Aadi Salman
Cover Artist: Aadi Salman

Lynn Devlin's quest takes her to an alien abduction convention... what she finds there raises more questions and makes her nightmares rage even more out of control... who are these mysterious children that haunt her waking dreams, and how does all of this connect to both her painful past and the mutilated corpse in her lab?

Hack/Slash #3 coverHack/Slash #3
Author: Tim Seeley (Loaded Bible)
Artists: Emily Stone & Courtney Via
Cover Artist:
A - Tim Seeley
B - Bryan Baugh

Both of our heroes face terrible fates: Cassie trapped in Hell with a fat musician in gold lame, trying to avoid getting knocked up by demons... Vlad trapped in Florida, looking to score with the local ladies... Will either one come out alive? Plus - how is the big hair metal band Acid Washed responsible for what faces our heroes?

"Damn, was it ever entertaining. Violence, gore, witty jokes, more gore, fun for all." - ComicReaders.com

"I love strong character relations - the story is good, the writing is funny - tickles my funnybone something awful!" - sequentialtart.com

Chucky #4 coverChucky #4 [of 5]
Author: Brian Pulido (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St.)
Artist: Josh Medors (30 Days of Night Annual, Horrorcide)
Cover Artists: A - Andrew Ritchie
B - Photo cover

To Chucky, murder is fun. Revenge is rewarding. Tearing apart someone's life in the most horrific way possible? There's nothing better! In this issue, Jade learns first hand what it means to have Chucky's attention directed at you... the result? The highest body count yet!

Xombie #4 coverXombie #4 [of 6]
Author: James Farr
Artist: Nate Lovett
Cover Artists: A - Tim Seeley
B - James Farr

The desperate race against the clock continues! Dirge and Zoe are on a time-sensitive mission to save the last remnants of humanity, but are being massively slowed down by brutal attacks from every side! Though it all, the dangerous and mysterious Gallows makes his move against Dirge...

G.I. Joe: Storm Shadow #3 coverG.I. Joe: Storm Shadow #3
Author: Larry Hama (G.I. Joe, Wolverine)
Artist: Mark Robinson (Bloodrayne, Witchblade?)
Cover Artist: Sean Murphy

The international adventure continues! Storm Shadow has many people after him and the family secrets he holds -- both new and familiar faces -- all of whom want him dead! The chase leads everyone to Tokyo and right into the hands of the Yakuza! High adventure! Great action! Big danger!

G.I. Joe: America's Elite #25 cover

G.I. Joe: America's Elite #25
Author: Mark Powers
Artist: Mike Bear
Cover Artist: Chris Lie

This IS the big one! The G.I. Joe team takes the fight to Cobra in a whole new way! Fan-favorite team members return to the active roster! And Cobra Commander makes a move that could very well sound the death knell for the world... The spark is ignited... World War III starts here!

Dragonlance Chronicles Vol. III: Dragons of Spring Dawning #5 coverDragonlance Chronicles Vol. III: Dragons of Spring Dawning #5 [of 12]
Writers: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Adapted by: Andrew Dabb
Artist: Julius Gopez
Cover Artists: A - Julius Gopez, B - Tyler Walpole

Once, he would have been an unwavering ally. Once, he walked among the bravest of the brave - the Knights of Solamnia. But that was long ago. Now, LORD SOTH has become the Companions' most implacable foe - one that may herald the doom of all Krynn! Weis & Hickman's classic saga continues!

DemonWars Vol. I: The Demon Awakens TPB coverDemonWars Vol. I: The Demon Awakens TPB
Writer: R.A. Salvatore
Adapted by: Andrew Dabb
Artist: Tim Seeley
Cover Artists: Tim Seeley

A terrible evil is rising in the world of Corona, and it's up to a trio of unlikely heroes to stem the tide! Can Pony, her friend Elbryan and a young monk named Avelyn stop the demon and corrupted monastery that are causing the horror gripping their world?

"Buy this book..." ~ silverbulletcomicbooks.com

"There is powerful drama in the characters' various trials and a number of unique touches... Tim Seeley's slick and stylish linework (much missed on the most recent Forgotten Realms TPB) is back in full force, bringing the story to life with his usual sense of wonder. The Demon Awakens is a solidly produced fantasy comic." ~ brokenfrontier.com

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