Devil’s Due Publishing October 2007 Solicitations
Drafted #2Retail Price: $3.50 Author: Mark Powers (G.I. Joe: America's Elite) Artist: Chris Lie (Eberron, Sigma 6)Cover Artist: Chris Lie and Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Extraterrestrial contact has been made with Earth! The ultimatum has been given: join their struggle or be destroyed
Devil’s Due Publishing – July 2007 Solicitations
Lloyd Kaufman Presents: The Toxic Avenger and other Tromatic TalesAuthor: Lloyd Kaufman, Tim Seeley & More!Artists: Tim Seeley, Jeremy Haun & VariousCover Artist: Tim Seeley & James Ryman
Troma Entertainment bursts onto the comic page with a host of stories inspired by their f…
HACK/slash vs. Chucky
Written by: Tim SeeleyArt by: Matt Merhoff
Believe it or not, but this isn't a kids story. I know that the title might remind you of a happy Disney book, but this isn't one of them. Parents Beware. heh
I hate to admit this, but I am not familiar with the Hack/slash characters, so I am sure t…