It's raining in Dark Knight III #6, we can say that for sure, based on this preview courtesy of DC. Batman is there, wearing his famous "I beat up Superman one time" armor. But Superman is there too, and they're on the same side.

At least I think it's Superman. He's wearing bulky armor as well, but his looks like what Steel wears, except more like concrete than metal, and with his distinctive S-curl sculpted atop his face. They're fighting a really big bald guy who apparently works for a Kryptonian named Quar. Quar is dressed like a wizard and floating in the sky, until he gets struck by lightning and shot in the head by a Bat-Sniper. Because Batman has snipers, which is definitely in-character for him. Also Carrie Kelley's there. She's wearing a bat costume now, but you know it's her because she says "Balls nasty."

But the best thing going on here is the selection of covers. Andy Kubert's cover shows off Carrie's current Bat-look alongside the much darker Batman. Most of the other covers show scenes from the original Dark Knight Returns, and do a great job of it. Greg Tocchini's painting of Batman and Robin on horseback is especially striking. And then of course Frank Miller's cover depicts a seriously battle-damaged Batman, which I'm pretty sure is Miller's very favorite thing to draw.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #6 is written by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello, with art by Andy Kubert, inks by Klaus Janson and colors by Brad Anderson. It's available October 19.


Art by Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson, and Brad Anderson
Variant Cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams & Alex Sinclair
Variant Cover by Frank Miller & Alex Sinclair
Variant Cover by Klaus Janson & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Variant Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Dave Stewart
Variant Cover by Greg Tocchini