While "Kick-Ass" failed to make the impression on moviegoers it was expected to at this weekend's box office, many are still obsessing over the idea of transforming into masked vigilantes to rid the streets of crime. But unless you're a highly trained fighter or have some fancy and expensive gadgetry at your disposal, taking on the criminal underworld isn't a particularly easy feat.

Still, aspiring superheroes might want to consider pooling their resources, because a piece of technology is on the way that could result in the creation of a real life Doctor Octopus.

Festo is developing a piece of technology that's supposed to act as an elephant trunk, but what it really looks like is a tentacle akin to one of Doc Ock's cybernetic arms. It's supposedly in development for the sake of medical technology and even domestic household chores, but isn't that how every great super-villain origin starts? I'm telling you now - one of these Festo engineers is going to rob a New York City bank with these elephant trunks on his backside within the next two years. Count on it.So, would-be crime-fighters, now would be a good time to start training to get your Batman on.

[Source: Gamma Squad]

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