The most recent season of "Doctor Who" introduced viewers to both a rejuvenated TARDIS and redesigned Daleks, but despite brighter color schemes, neither of these stylized modifications addressed these iconic science fiction symbols' distinct lack of cuddliness. Sensing this hole in "Who" fandom's collective soul, Etsy user Scarywhitegirl has put her crochet skills to work, creating TARDIS and Dalek amigurumi with something like 300 percent more huggability than conventional plastic toys.The unofficial merchandise is currently for sale on Etsy with the Tardis plushie listed at $60 and the Dalek plushie listed at $25. Both are hand-knitted from acrylic yarn,

It's faaaaar too early to suggest picking either of them up for holiday gifts, but either plush item seems fit for a personal present as "Who" fans wait for the eleventh doctor's first ever Christmas special to air.

See a few more images of the "Who" inspired creations below:

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