Is it not satisfying enough to watch the adventures of "Doctor Who" from the comfort of your own home? Would you rather set down the remote and saddle up alongside the quirky Time Lord - whether or not he's played by David Tennant or Matt Smith or someone else entirely - for one of his world-spanning journeys?

Well, we can't help you there, sadly. But look on the bright side - at least you can create some visually compelling "Doctor Who" dioramas that might create the illusion of fighting (running) alongside the good Doctor, thanks to the work of DeviantArt user CyberDrone. CyberDrone has created some excellent Cubeecraft designs that allow you the opportunity to fold up and create your very own TARDIS, Daleks and more from the "Doctor Who" universe. If you're feeling crafty this summer and you're also looking to scratch your "Doctor Who" itch in a creative way, well, look no further.

Check out some of CyberDrone's designs after the jump (but be sure to download the full-size templates at CyberDrone's page if you want to build them yourself).

[Link via io9]

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