Doctor Who fans have been anxious for a glimpse of Peter Capaldi’s next adventures all year, and while Season 10 won’t shove off until 2017, we at least know Twelve’s newest companion to follow Jenna Coleman’s Clara. Prepare to meet Bill, as Pearl Mackie joins the cast as Doctor Who’s next companion!

The newest member of Doctor Who was unveiled during halftime at the Everton vs. Manchester United FA Cup semi-final on BBC-1. The brief introduction video features the pair running away from, what else, a Dalek, though Bill’s snark is especially on-point.

Most recently, EastEnders star Rakhee Thakrar was rumored to meet with producers for the role, while Capaldi has previously stated his predilection for a female companion, given the potential for male co-stars to usurp his action scenes. Capaldi himself has only officially signed through the coming tenth season, despite having been asked to return after Steven Moffat’s last season in spring 2017.

We’ll find more in the coming months, but what should we hope for from Pearl Mackie as Peter Capaldi’s next Doctor Who companion?

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