If you've ever been a situation where all of your friends were really into something that they talked about constantly, but that you never really got into, you are not alone: Adam WarRock (alias Eugene Ahn, my co-host on the War Rocket Ajax podcast) has your back with the latest musical entry in his tracklog: "I Have Never Watched an Episode Of 'Doctor Who' In My Life."

But like the man says in the song, "Who" fans don't need to worry: the song's less about hating on the show and more about being left out of the conversation that everyone thinks his nerdy ways make him a part of automatically. At least, that's what it's about before he starts speculating on what the Doctor's powers and abilities might be and where he practices the art of medicine, which is when it starts to be hilarious.

Check out the whole song -- which artist Neill Cameron has described as being "like Twista rapping about Doctor Who" -- after the jump!

Adam WarRock - I Have Never Watched An Episode of Dr. Who In My Life

If you like it, head over to AdamWarRock.com to download it for free. And hey, while you're at it, why not check out "Starving Artist," the first track off of his upcoming album, which he's offering up on a "pay whatever you want" model. It's got nothing to do with comics, but it is pretty awesome!