Doctor Who has plenty of time to figure out its future, airing only a Christmas Special in 2016 before kicking off Steven Moffat’s final episodes in 2017, that we don’t yet have an official companion to replace Jenna Coleman’s Clara. That said, one report claims EastEnders star Rakhee Thakrar may be in the running.

Take this one with a grain of salt for the moment, though RadioTimes reports that the EastEnders star fans affectionately known to fans as “Shabnam Masood” may soon move inside the TARDIS, if Rakhee Thakrar succeeds in an audition with Doctor Who producers. The actress left EastEnders in February, and will reportedly meet with Doctor Who staff in the coming weeks.

As RadioTimes notes, Thakrar would potentially become the first non-white main companion since Freema Agyeman departed the role as Martha Jones back in 2008, then under David Tennant’s tenure. Peter Capaldi has also gone on record hoping for another female companion, believing that a younger man would usurp some of his character’s action beats.

Elsewhere of future Doctor Who, we know that Steven Moffat has officially confirmed his upcoming retirement, subbing in Chris Chibnall in as the new head writer and executive producer after Season 10 in spring 2017.

The BBC had no official comment, and it could take time yet before we learn, but would Thakrar be the next fresh face joining Doctor Who?

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