They say a functionally immortal time-and-space-traveling alien genius is only as good as the deadly monsters they face, and that certainly holds true for The Doctor. Possibly compelled by this insanely specific line of reasoning, Supermassive is putting out what appears to be the most polished videogame appearance yet of The Silence, the Cybermen and the Silurians in its Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock videogame. Set for a March release (yes, even in the US) on the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Vita and PC, the downloadable game will pit playable versions of The Doctor and River Song against familiar threats from the past few seasons of the BBC series, in addition to variations on classic villains that will be unique to the game's storyline. Take a look at the latest trailer for The Eternity Clock after the jump.Executive producer on the game, Simon Harris, broke down the process of getting the game's new monsters into The Eternity Clock at the PlayStation blog.

The team at Supermassive spent a huge amount of time looking at all of the reference of the monsters from previous shows, games, as well as the massive amount of books, webisodes and other content available. The team then proposed two new versions of existing monsters which would become the finales for our monsters. This was a pretty nervous time; we wanted monsters that felt as scary as they do in the show and matched the scale of the locations and environments we were creating for the game. Creating a new version of a classic Doctor Who monster is a big task – they have to be carefully detailed and you must establish exactly where they sit within the canon of the show. Thankfully, the Doctor Who team loved what we were suggesting and both of our new monster versions were approved and are in the game.

See the first trailer for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock below:


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