It's very important that we remember that one need not, you know, write or draw or study narrative or learn about art or really know anything at all about formal graphic storytelling in order to create truly awesome comics. Sometimes all you need is a couple of photographs, Photoshop and a great idea. That's all it takes to create something as brilliant as Dog Fort, a Web phenomenon based on two photographs: a cute dog peeking its head out of a fort made of couch cushions and a corgi wearing -- inexplicably -- a lobster costume. Out of a comic book-style combination of those two images emerged what Reddit named Best New Community of 2010 for its ceaseless and almost uniformly hilarious comics about dogs dressed up like soldiers at war with nefarious Bond-villain-esque cats.

The "redditors" at Reddit have voted Cat's Cradle: A Dog Fort Epic the single best Dog Fort comic ever made, and it is truly something to behold. The story is just about as long as the average print comic, and tells harrowing story of a group of dog soldiers in one of the fiercest battles in the war. It is shockingly moving, with great characters and twists that will compel you to remain with the story until the end. As we said, it's legitimately epic so we direct you to the official Dog Fort blog to read it.

For some shorter Dog Fort comics that demonstrate the brilliance of these anonymous creators, click past the jump.

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