A few weeks back we caught wind that Iron Man's father Howard Stark will appear in the "Captain America: The First Avenger" film, since Director Jon Favreau said he was involved in the creation of the super-soldier formula. Naturally, many of us got excited at the thought of "Madmen" star Jon Slattery showing up in a World War II film with the famous Star-Spangled Avenger, acting alongside co-stars Hugo Weaving, Chris Evans, Toby Jones, Sebastian Stan and Haley Atwell.

It seems that while Howard Stark will show up in the film, it won't be as portrayed by Slattery. Slash Film has reported that Dominic Cooper is actually going to play Howard Stark because Marvel wants to show the character to be noticeably younger during World War II. Favreau seems to have confirmed this with further remarks he made."It wouldn't be the same actor, probably, because he would be much younger," Favreau explained. "[Howard Stark] was starting out during that time, and [he] was involved with the war effort, much like Howard Hughes."

An interesting idea, since Howard Hughes was part of the basis for Stan Lee's creation of Tony Stark. Dominic Cooper has appeared in "An Education", "Mama Mia!", "The Escapist" and the recent UK series of "Sense and Sensibility."

The only question is: Can he grow an awesome mustache?

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