TV: Cory Michael Smith will star as Edward Nygma (The not-yet Riddler) in FOX's Gotham pilot. [ScreenCrush]


Gaming: Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The Official Game is now available on mobile devices. [Gameloft]


DC Collectibles April Fools Day 2014

Toys: A number of DC Collectibles' April Fools' Day "solicitations" are actually things I'd buy. [DCC]


Movies: On the eve of the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cinema Sins examines "Everything Wrong With Captain America: The First Avenger." [CS]


Gaming: Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate -- Deluxe Edition brings the previously handheld game to PC and consoles with a bunch of additional content and features. [Arcade Sushi]


Video: New webseries The Gable 5 explores super soldier-y themes in its first installment. [Machinima]

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