Cartoon Network can halt its plans for a live action Captain Planet TV movie, Don Cheadle's got the eco crusader covered. The Academy Award nominated actor and current War Machine has uploaded Don Cheadle is Captain Planet to Funny Or Die, putting the kind of signature stamp on the character that could be impossible for anyone to follow. There was a time when the international teens known as the Planeteers could count on their blue friend to simply tell kids to put on a sweater instead of cranking the thermostat, but these days summoning Ted Turner's greatest creation might result in a leafy demise. Kind of makes you feel bad for always forgetting your reusable shopping bags at home, doesn't it?

Captain Planet and the Planeteers/The New Adventures of Captain Planet continuity nerds might nitpick Cheadle's less-than-friendly portrayal of the green-mulleted one. After all, the meanest he ever got on the cartoon was acting like a lazy surfer dude -- and only if he were formed without the heart ring present. But, whatever, maybe he just snapped after having to fight humans like Hitler one too many times? Whatever the case, thank you for this Don Cheadle.

Catch Don Cheadle is Captain Planet below, but be prepared for hilariously NSFW language:

[Via Twitter]

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