Movies: Don Cheadle dons the Iron Patriot armor in the latest Iron Man 3 character poster. [SHH]

Fonts: I'm not sure anything can save Comic Sans, but it never hurts to hear reasonable arguments to the contrary. [CB]

Gaming: It looks like Activision and High Moon have narrowed down the Deadpool video game release date to summer of 2013. [All Games Beta]

Threads: French designer Guillaume Binard's Neoprene Oceanwings" seem like something Marvel's Stingray would dig. [Gizmodo]

Upcoming: Shout! Factory will release a new Captain America: Collector's Edition Blu-ray on May 21. [SF]

Gaming: The Walking Dead is getting its own Monopoly and Risk board games, for those who just can't get enough of that zombie stuff. [ICv2]

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