Doug Hills can count himself among an all too small number of convention-circuit artists who can actually sketch The Thing for you and have him look like he has some personality. He can do a lot more, too, going by the Punisher, Green Arrow and Astro Boy pieces he has floating around out there. Hills has worked before on decidedly more manga-styled webcomics like "Chibi Cheerleaders from Out Space," but he pounds the ever-loving linework out of his full-scale musclebound superheroes.Hills takes on Spider-Man, Muppets and more in the sketches he's posted over on A few of them look like they could have been hammered onto paper as woodblock prints, but Hills' tools of choice come from Manga Studio 4, according to his notes.

Machine Man fans should also appreciate Hills' portfolio. It's a fun collection of takes that would be right at home in the world of "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane" or a similar book straddling manga and mainstream superhero styles. Check some samples out below and find out if you want to see more.