Alex Ross-level realism is all well and good for Game of Thrones comics, but Douglas Holgate takes Eddard Stark and Daenerys Targaryen in a decidedly lighter direction with his wintry illustrations. Holgate, who hails from Australia, has been dishing out some fine commissions lately, including a George R.R. Martin character or two, and they all look grand.Other recent portraits posted to Holgate's House of Skullduggery blog include Hellboy and Rogue, and he certainly knows how to draw both of them. His style falls somewhere in between those of Guy Davis and Craig Rousseau, keeping his lines clean and his shapes slightly malleable-looking.

He works at his best when he's tackling dramatic moments, and this talent is noticeably apparent in the cases of subjects like Daenerys. In the same way that Gabriel Bá can simplify someone's form and still give them loads of expression, Holgate makes it look easy. And he even makes a mean Batgirl.