Legendary Dragon Ball writer/artist Akira Toriyama will launch a brand-new manga series in the July 13 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump to coincide with the magazine's 45th anniversary. It's his first comics work since 2010's one-shot Kintoki.

The magazine is promoting the new series, called Ginga Patrol Jako, with the line, "The 'legend' of hope for the entire world returns here!!" Pretty vague. But Shonen Jump has released some preview cover art, which you can check out after the jump!


Toriyama's other work -- Dragon BallSand Land, CowaDr. Slump, and Kintoki -- has been published in the United States by Viz. No word yet whether Ginga Patrol Jako will be part of Viz's digital offerings, but considering Toriyama's recognizability among manga artists, there's a good chance.

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