Remember back when Kia Asamiya was drawing "Uncanny X-Men"? Artist Drake Tsui endows his subjects with a similar manga-infused flair. From The Venture Bros. and the Bat family to Nintendo's most famous ladies and Hit-Girl, he's caked on the color and big expressive eyes with all of them.
That whole shebang and many more characters who you may need to know a considerable amount of anime and/or manga to recognize can be see on his deviantART account. They're all bright and lively, though, and you'll find them mixed in with some eye-popping Smash Bros. and Street Fighter action.

And then there's his jam-packed Pokémon trainer shot, which looks like the setup for the Royal Rumble of Pokémon events. If there's a formal request box anywhere on his profile page, could someone please slip a form into it asking for some follow-up action posts? Somebody's got to focus on the lesser knowns.