This past weekend I dug into THQ's (and 5th Cell's - The developers of WB's "Scribblenauts") latest entry into the "Drawn To Life" franchise - "Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter."

Given that players are tasked with creating much of the game's content from scratch within certain parameters (via a stylus or Wiimote depending on which version they've picked up), it's a title well-suited for comic fans who enjoy illustration.

Still, even though players kind of choose their own adventures, I couldn't shake the default star of the series. He just reminded me of someone...

Yeah, DTL's little dude isn't exactly like Zot, but I found his quiet similarities worth pointing out for Scott McCloud fans who may be taking up the title in the coming days.

The best part is, despite their relatively mild similarities, if you're a "Zot!" fan you can draw him yourself and complete the transformation. Just make sure to keep some full-color reference material at hand. As much as I like it, "Zot! The Complete Black and White Collection" lacks the pigment to make a quality copy happen.