ComicsAlliance closes the day with an after-hours link dump.

: Nerve, a site that both in this instance and in general you should probably not visit from work, recently stopped by Emerald City Comic Con and had a chat with some of the pros, retailers, and fans -- including Danielle Corsetto of "Girls With Slingshots" and Cosmic Monkey Comics owner Andy Johnson -- to talk about... sex, mostly.

More Sex
: Did the Incredible Hercules practice the art of Greek love? Well, he's Greek, isn't he? [Bleeding Cool]

Even More Sex
: There seems to be an unspoken belief in my hometown of Portland, Oregon -- which has one of the highest numbers of strip clubs per capita in the U.S. -- that whatever you're doing, it will probably be better with strippers. Eating steaks? Better with strippers. Being vegan? Better with strippers. Singing karaoke? Yeah, that's better with strippers. With that in mind, may I suggest D&D and Porn Stars? It's exactly what it sounds like, but seriously, they're just playing D&D.WTF: Remember when would-be child vampire hunters in mid-1950s Scotland prompted a crackdown on comics? We didn't.

Preview: Did anyone catch this preview of "Spider-Man: Fever" #2? It's alllllmost as hot as the #1 preview we hosted here on CA. Go catch it! [Techland]

History: Have you ever wondered why Rome really fell? You might think that the answer is in books, and you're right. Comic books. [Bully]

Indie: "Black Hole" fans will enjoy Sean T. Collins's analysis of the Charles Burns classic, where he digs a little deeper into a crucial quote that was cut from the collected edition: "Turns out everything that happened in the book didn't need to happen... Turns out, in other words, that the teen plague was ultimately like being a teenager itself: It sucks, but you grow out of it." [ADD]

Politics: Health care reform has passed, and naturally, the political cartoons are weighing in. [Washington Post]

Craft: Whatever happened to good ol' thought bubbles in comics? [Comics Comics]

Tentpoles: There are kind of a lot of Green Hornet comics now, you guys. Can the market really support the weight of them all? Insert Kevin Smith joke here. [Newsarama]

Education: Basically, everybody who wants to get educated about comics should be reading Scott McCloud's books about comics theory. Good news: They are! [Top Shelf]

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