Forbes once speculated that if Bruce Wayne were real, his net worth would be $6.5 billion dollars. That number has lead some to speculate just how much it would cost to be Batman. One fan estimates that the suit would run $1,585, and that's if your building on a budget. In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne is told that the armor alone would cost $300,000.

Thankfully, we have intrepid fans out there who know how to get results without spending twice what it would to attend graduate school at Harvard. Case in point? The fine duct tape Batman mask you see before you. The finished product that you can make yourself for under $20 if you manipulate your materials properly.
Let's be honest: This Batman cowl currently available on Amazon for $21.99 leaves something to be desired. There are also other, more expensive options, for portraying the Dark Knight at cons or for Halloween, but you have to ask yourself if you really can fit into the Batman costume of your dreams.

This duct tape Batman mask comes to us from an Instructables post by user Seamster. Some of you might be familiar with Seamster's other comic book-related work, including a hand carved Iron Man Mask and plush Star Wars action figures.

In several steps, Seamster takes us through the process of crafting the mask, including ComicsAlliance's favorite, the lucha libre phase:

Although we don't yet have an exact dollar amount to construct the rest Batman's costume out of duct tape, we would like to leave the floor open to you, our faithful readers.

How much do you think it would cost to make the entire Batman ensemble out of duct tape? To give you a starting point, we remind you that six rolls of duct tape are needed to construct a prom dress.

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