One could certainly make the argument that there is such a thing as too much Spawn. I would not make that argument, especially if we're talking about Spawn in Dunny form.

If you head on over to fplusnever, a blog that showcases various custom toys and other projects of related geekery, you'll immediately notice an onslaught of adorable Spawn action. That's because the site's resident curator and customizer, known simply as f+, has created a ridiculous amount of Spawn Dunnys for a variety of clients.

Want Spawn with a battle axe? You got it. Looking for your Al Simmons to have a pair of angel wings? No problem. Do you prefer a manga or mandarin style? Consider it done. You don't even have to ask about a Dunny with heavy firepower - it's already taken care of.

The common thread between the Dunnys - aside from being inspired by Todd McFarlane's superhero creation, of course - is the inclusion of those adorably huge ears. Those honking horns are practically begging for an Omega Spawn Dunny, don't you think?

Check out more custom Spawn Dunnys after the jump...

Wings of Redemption Spawn

Manga Spawn

Mandarin Spawn

Mandarin Spawn (Black)

Samurai Spawn

Wings of Redemption Spawn Version 2

Commando Spawn