Dwayne McDuffie would have been 51 today. Just typing that makes me angry, because I know he should still be here with us. Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of his death, but I'm more interested in celebrating his life than remembering the shock of his passing. McDuffie was an incredible talent who was often seen as a "black writer" as opposed to just a writer, largely due to both his stature in the industry, and his ability to eloquently discuss the difficulties that face black writers in comics.

There are dozens of examples of him doing just that, but the one that often sticks out to me -- the one I find myself revisiting most often -- is this interview he did years ago, in which he discusses how being a writer who fans know is black "puts a lot of the white, male readership on edge."

In light of the fact that there are currently no black writers working at Marvel or DC, I believe the following video is essential viewing for all of us, and I highly recommend you check it out. Happy birthday, Dwayne McDuffie.

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