As of last month, Dynamite Entertainment was putting out five simultaneous "Green Hornet' series, but in a special supplement to this month's "Previews" catalog that was released Thursday afternoon, the publisher has added fourteen additional "Green Hornet" titles to their publishing schedule in preparation for the release of the feature film later this year.

Joining "Kevin Smith's Green Hornet," "Kevin Smith's Green Hornet: Kato," "The Green Hornet Strikes," "Green Hornet Year One" and "Kato Origins" will be new titles designed to fill every conceivable specialty market as Dynamite makes the most of their license, including:

  • Green Hornet Sudoku Challenge
  • Green Hornet's Crimefighter Cookbook
  • Green Hornet: This One's A Lady
  • Li'l Greeny (originally solicited as "Li'l Horny")
  • Green Hornet Meets the Harlem Globetrotters
  • Teen Hornet
  • Kato's TV Laff-Out
  • Green Hornet: Caveman Daze
  • Green Hornet and the Mystery of the Stolen Cookies
  • Green Hornet vs. Army of Darkness
  • Green Hornet vs. Xena
  • Green Hornet vs. Army of Darkness vs. Xena vs. Those Old Super-Heroes That Only Alex Ross Cares About
  • The Green Hornet/Red Sonja Christmas Special
  • Green Whornet (adults only)

And that's just this month's additions to the exponentially expanding "Green Hornet" catalog. Stay tuned!

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