With the current resurgence of Batman '66 at DC and the ongoing Green Hornet revival going on over at Dynamite, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before we'd get another shot at their famous TV crossover. Now, we have confirmation that it's actually happening, in the form of a 12-part, digital-first series that will run biweekly starting on June 4 as a crossover produced by both companies.

The series will be drawn by Ty Templeton, and co-written by Ralph Garman and filmmaker and podcaster Kevin Smith.


Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet


The story looks to be a direct sequel to the original Batman/Green Hornet crossover, 1969's "A Piece Of The Action"/"Batman's Satisfaction," with the heroes facing off against Colonel Gumm, a one-shot TV villain who attempted to turn the Caped Crusader into postage stamps. This time, Gumm has received an upgrade from whichever military it is that allows you to wear a hot pink jumpsuit while attempting to steal a race horse, and is now General Gumm.

According to USA Today, Smith, who relaunched Green Hornet at Dynamite in 2010 alongside Phil Hester and Jonathan Lau, adapting his unproduced film script, he has "never strayed far from this [version of the] character." That came as a surprise to me, considering that Smith's previous Batman comics -- the New York Times best-selling Batman: The Widening Gyre --  have involved Poison Ivy dosing him with super-marijuana, Batman pissing himself during a flashback to Year One, an extended joke about how many orgasms Batman gave his girlfriend the first time they had sex (at least 11) and that same girlfriend getting her throat slashed in the Batcave by a villain Batman decided to reveal his identity to after teaming with him twice in a cliffhanger that has yet to be resolved. But I guess it also had the sixties Batmobile in there somewhere and the Atomic Pile in the Batcave, so that's what really matters.

On the other hand, artist Templeton has been doing amazing work on the ongoing Batman '66 title with Jeff Parker and Tom Peyer, so that's definitely something for fans to look forward to.

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