If Supergirl has one thread left dangling all season, it’s the mysterious reveal behind Lynda Carter’s President Olivia Marsdin. Now, a new BTS photo at last confirms the former Wonder Woman’s return, and in Kevin Smith’s next episode at that.

Smith shared a behind-the-scenes photo from his second Supergirl episode this season, featuring Carter in what looks to be a presidential situation room. The character last appeared in the season’s third episode, “Welcome to Earth,” the closing moments of which cryptically revealed that Marsdin seemed to be an alien in disguise.

Intriguingly, producers previously thought to introduce Carter’s character to the Arrow-verse as well, replacing the president killed during the “Invasion!” crossover, though the appearance was ultimately deemed “too confusing.” for his part, Smith already directed “Killer Frost” on The Flash last year, as well as Supergirl’s 2017 return “Supergirl Lives.”

Smith’s second Supergirl episode doesn’t have a formal premiere date just yet, but check out the trailer for next Monday’s “Homecoming” below, and stay tuned for details on Lynda Carter’s Supergirl return in the meantime.

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