If you were worried that you wouldn't live to see a proper action figure of a 1966 classic Batman TV series villain portrayed by Vincent Price, Figures Toy Company has eggcellent news for you: An 8" tall Mego-style Egghead is coming soon.

A favorite villain among Batman fans for his genius/softboiled schemes and egregious egg puns, Egghead stands out as a character crafted specifically to suit the campy tone of Adam West, Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig's TV adventures. Though Egghead appeared in just four Batman episodes across its second and third seasons ("An Egg Grows In Gotham/The Yegg Foes In Gotham," "The Ogg And I/How To Hatch A Dinosaur," "The Ogg Couple" and "The Entrancing Dr. Cassandra"), the character continues to appear in Batman multimedia, most recently in the Batman: Brave and the Bold animated series.

Though Egghead has had only sporadic appearances as a secondary or background character in mainstream DC comics (and of course, not in the New 52), the character appeared in the Brave and the Bold tie-in comic a few years back has recently appeared in DC's digital-first Batman '66 title by Jef Parker and Sandy Jarrell.

Figures Toy Company has been teasing various prototype images of the figure's sculpt since last year, but this is the first proper showing of the painted and clothed figure. No word on whether or not he'll come packed with one of his many egg-themed weapons yet (Stinking Egg Bomb, Radar Egg, Laughing Gas Egg, Tear Gas Egg), but that detail seems like something FTC can crack.

Egghead will be available some months after FTC's first wave of 8" Batman '66 figures arrives in May. We'll post pricing and availability info as it becomes available.

You can check out the upcoming Figures Toy Company Egghead figure below.


Batman 66 Egghead Figures Toy Company 1
Batman 66 Egghead Figures Toy Company 2


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