An inter-planetary swashbuckler and a telepathic magician are headed to Dynamite Entertainment and that, for many fans, is how it should be. As part of a deal with King Features, Dynamite's bringing Flash Gordon and Mandrake the Magician into its broader line of adventure comics, uniting franchises that haven't shared a common publisher in decades.

"Flash Gordon and Mandrake the Magician are two great additions to the iconic characters we currently publish: Green Hornet, The Phantom, Buck Rogers, Zorro, Project Superpowers, The Black Terror, Death Defying 'Devil, Masquarade, The Lone Ranger and all of the titles we are proud to publish," said Dynamite President and Publisher Nick Barrucci in an official press release. "We promise to devote the same passion to these King Features properties as we have done so consistently throughout our publishing history, beginning with The Last Phantom."

Dynamite hasn't announced its specific publishing plans for these comic strip heroes that debuted in the late '30s and early '40s (before bouncing between publishers separately after the '60s) yet, but according to the publisher there are irons in the fire for projects ranging from comics to merchandise. As far as the implications of being united under one publisher go, I wouldn't expect Mandrake, the Phantom and Flash Gordon to form their own super group just yet, although I bet they'd make an awesome "Rock Band" power trio.

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