DC Comics continues their week of teases for two new comic book series coming in May: Earth 2, which is set in the titular alternate version of the DC Universe, and Worlds' Finest, which will star two refugees from Earth 2 and chronicle their adventures on Earth... whatever DC decides on for their current version of Earth 1 (which probably isn't "Earth One," since they used that name for a different publishing initiative).

The latest character reveals are the Earth 2 versions of Wonder Woman and Supergirl, and each came with some clues about their stories.If you haven't been paying close attention to DC's various teases it could cost you your life, according to the note from Earth 2 editor Pat McCallum, which accompanied the release of Jim Lee's design for Earth 2 Wonder Woman:

While there will be recognizable faces and settings on EARTH 2, don't for a moment think you're on familiar ground. Do that, and you let your guard down...and then you'll end up like the rest of the Amazons!

We previously saw a full-color version of Wondy's costume on Ivan Reis and Joe Prado's variant cover for Earth 2 #1. Here's Lee's design:

Although not in color, it does show us the whole shebang, including where she keeps her sword and what the tips of her boots are made out of (metal).

The Amazons are a traditionally luckless people, and their population has regularly been decimated, culled or exiled to different dimensions in the pages of Wonder Woman and various DC crossover stories, like Our Worlds at War and Infinite Crisis. Currently in the New 52iverse, they have all been turned to stone by Hera, making Wonder Woman the last Amazon on that Earth as well... at least until she figures out a way to de-petrify her people.

As for Earth 2's Supergirl, she is, of course, Karen Starr, the Power Girl of the New 52iverse, as visually alluded to on the cover of Worlds' Finest #1. The book's editor, Will Moss, also makes clear that was indeed her sleeping with Michael Holt in the pages of short-lived New 52 title Mister Terrific:

As readers of MISTER TERRIFIC already know, Karen has been busy since she arrived on the main DCU Earth, creating a successful company and dating the brilliant Michael Holt. But what are her true motives behind those actions? How did she get here? And what incident prompts her to take up her new identity of Power Girl? Find out in WORLDS' FINEST #1!

Karen's Supergirl costume and character design comes courtesy of Kevin Maguire, one of the artists on the upcoming Worlds' Finest:

It seems to resemble a Super-ized version of the Power Girl costume, with a good-old-fashioned (if stylized and oversized) S-Shield in lieu of her, um, "boob window." Why the change from Supergirl to Powergirl? Why the change in costume? And why the dramatic new hairstyle?

We'll have to wait until May to find out.

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