I'm a big fan of the Badass Digest video features Devin Faraci creates for the Cinefix network. Hardly the typical movie hype clip you see everywhere, Faraci likes to assemble panels of interesting guests for roundtable discussions (often with booze) of variously zeitgeisty topics concerning the world of cinema. The latest episode of Badass Digest crosses over into one of this blog's specific interests, the process of adapting comic book stories and characters for film. Faraci's guests include noted YouTuber comicgirl19 as well as ComicsAlliance favorites Bryan Lee O'Malley (cartoonist, Scott Pilgrim) and Ed Brubaker (writer, Criminal, Sleeper), who share their personal experiences in bringing their comic book work to the big screen and reveal their all-time favorite comic book movies.

Here's a link to all the Badass Digest videos, featuring quite a lot of (drunk) comic book movie content.

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