Far from her stylized Inception scarves and Juno jeans, the latest images from James Gunn's superhero satire Super serves up Ellen page in a Kick-Ass colored Kevlar vest rocking some very Wolverine-looking tekagi. Indeed, it is a far cry from her black-suited Kitty Pryde days in X3. So far Page and co-star Rainn Wilson seem to be dishing up more Mark Millar-style violence than straight comedy in the film, and if the trend keeps up, the actress could be dealing some serious damage to her opponents when the movie opens on April 1, 2011.Serving as the sidekick to Wilson's The Crimson Bolt moniker, Page's guise as Boltie seems to indicate that her secret identity day job as a comic book shop employee is spent mostly reading joyless tales of hyper-violence. That's not necessarily a slam considering what I've heard about actually working in a comic shop from friends and associates (and what I've read in Our Valued Customers), but Boltie might benefit from some time with more well-rounded all-ages material. After all, you never hear about Ozma of Oz readers kicking faces in.

You can relive Page's initial verbal assault on Wilson in her less armored outfit in the Super teaser below:


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