There was quite a bit of cosplay at the recent Emerald City Comic Con, as with most conventions, and we chased down several costumed fans on the floor to get their pictures. We've already talked about this guy, but we've got a few other favorites for you.

The Super Mario Lanterns were two of our MVPs, although we'd never really imagined Mario as a Red Lantern. But, admittedly, he does spit hot fire. If fire flowers can replace your blood with hate, that would explain several things. OK, OK. Only one thing.

Here we have what is undoubtedly an excellent display of Psylocke cosplay by this young woman, but it's still not as awesome the reaction to her by the guy directly to the the right.

I was going to make a joke about how out of place these clothes are for the Joker, but I actually think this works:

Calvin & Hobbes

Daredevil and Thor

Phoenix and the Greatest American Hero

Star Wars vs. Venture Bros! Never, ever send 21 and 24 to infiltrate the Death Star.

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