When it comes to great cosplay, video games may provide fans with just as much inspiration as comics, thanks to the richly realized worlds that these games create, and the incredible design work that goes into defining and realizing the characters. We’ve compiled a massive collection of cosplay to celebrate the dedication and passion of these video game fans, with costumes that runs the gamut from the truly iconic to the downright obscure. In fact, this is probably the biggest cosplay gallery we've ever featured!

From Sakura, Balrog and Cammy, to Zelda, Link and Sheik, these characters have been brought to life like they just stepped out of the game --- or like the player just stepped in. We've found awesome takes on Bayonetta, Princess Peach, Samus and Officer Jenny, and cosplayers celebrating everything from classics like Super Mario Bros to new sensations like Overwatch.

Whether it's Daystalkers, Pikmin, Splatoon, Bioshock, or Katamari Damacy, it seems like every great video game out there has inspired some brilliant fan to transform themselves into their favorite characters. If you're looking for tomb raiders, ace attorneys, street fighters, or gods of war, the gang's all here.

Some of these costumes are simple and clean; others are dazzlingly complex; but each cosplayer brings a personal touch to these memorable heroes, villains, and side-characters. These are the best video game cosplays.


The Best Overwatch Fan Art Ever


The Best Super Mario Fan Art Ever


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