Usagi Tsukino and her friends and enemies are not short on fans. Originally coming onto the scene back in 1991 as a manga series by Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon has been adapted, re-adapted, re-imagined and relaunched in numerous graphic novels, TV shows, and movies, and gained acclaim and praise across the world. It pretty much established the magical girl formula with its use of lavish transformation scenes turning common everyday people into champion of justice.

Of course, with so many over-the-top characters, fans latch onto their favorites with a passion, and that leads to some fantastic cosplay. Sailor Moon cosplay always brings out some of the most colorful and lavish designs to match the aesthetic that the franchise is known for. From the bombastic hairstyles of Usagi and Chibiusa, to the unique props carried by Sailor Pluto and Queen Beryl, there are a extremely wide variety of ways to go. The result is a rich tapestry of color befitting of the ever-so-showy franchise that inspired these cosplays.

We’ve collected a wealth of cosplay from years of great conventions and photo shoots to put on display for your viewing pleasure. Whether it’s a single cosplayer taking on a solo character, the whole gang of Scouts gathered for a group shot, or cosplays that remix Sailor Moon with other fan favorites, each set of cosplayers brings their own touch of color and creativity. So take a stroll through our gallery of the greatest Sailor Moon cosplay ever.


Enjoy Some of the Best Sailor Moon Fan Art, Too


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