Released annually to benefit Seattle Children's Hospital, Monsters & Dames is a limited edition hardcover art book series produced and sold exclusively by Emerald City Comicon. Each volume features brand new work by artists from across the worlds of comic books, animation, illustration and beyond. Other than basic adherence to the broad and kitchy theme -- which as you can see below invites all manners of interpretation -- Monsters & Dames' only requirement is that its contributors exhibit at ECCC this year's convention. Given the Seattle show's reputation as one of the most artist-friendly conventions and crowds in North America, the many volumes of Monsters & Dames released over the years have seen some truly auspicious talents compiled alongside eminently talented newcomers, making every edition an essential purchase for illustration aficionados.

This year's edition of Monsters & Dames is no different, inviting a wide spectrum of talent to indulge their artistic idiosyncrasies for a good cause that's raised over $55,000 since it the first volume was released in 2009. Between now and Emerald City's start date of March 28, ComicsAlliance will showcase some of the gorgeous work to be found in the 2014 edition of Monsters & Dames, including exclusive images you'll see here before any where else.

Today's preview includes never-before-seen art by modern master Frank Cho as well as a cover by artist Arthur Adams with new material by Nidhi Chanani, Alina Chau, Heather Hudson, Chris Sheridan, Tim Seeley and Jackie Lewis.


Frank Cho
Arthur Adams and Nathan Fairbairn
Nidhi Chanani
Alina Chau
Heather Hudson
Chris Sheridan
Tim Seeley, and Carlos Badilla
Jackie Lewis


Each of these artists will be on hand at ECCC to meet fans and sell their wares, including the originals of the reproductions above, whose auction proceeds will also be donated to Seattle Children's Hospital.

ComicsAlliance will be showcasing more art from Monsters & Dames as we approach opening day of this year's Emerald City Comicon.