If you dig the Giver illustrations by Lucy Knisley over on Picture Book Report, you may also enjoy the Brave New Worldartwork that her colleague Emily Carroll has put together. Carroll got some seasonal Internet attention a few weeks ago for a well engineered little piece of fiction she concocted in a webcomic called His Face All Red. It seems that her talents aren't limited to making new stories and depicting classic literature, though. She's also put a fair amount of time into drawing characters from modern-day masterpieces in the video game world such as "Mass Effect" and Fallout 3.

Carroll has a slick, vintage-looking style that cuts sharp angles into her figures' silhouettes, which is all the more striking when she tackles material you're used to seeing rendered by your Xbox 360. There's plenty to look at in her personal blog's archives.

We've handpicked our own favorite art specimens, as well, which you can see below.

[Via Robot 6]

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