"Sexy superhero comedy." What part of that sounds unappealing? We all like pretty people, jokes, and capes, and that what you get in Adam Warren's ongoing comic Empowered. This Wednesday, he's releasing Empowered Special #2: Ten Questions For The Maidman, featuring a story and colors by Emily Warren (no relation) that shifts the spotlight away from the heroine Empowered so that Maidman, the Sanitary Sentinel, can get a moment to shine.

Don't know who that is? Imagine Batman in a frilly French maid's outfit. We've got a seven-page preview and a little commentary to get you caught up.What's nice about these Empowered specials is that they're basically the perfect introductions to the ongoing series. Warren has churned out six 200-page volumes since 2007, for a little more than 1,200 pages of sex, superheroes, and comedy. At this point in the story, Emp's superhero life still isn't that great, though she's slowly begun unravelling the secrets of her costume. She has saved her coworkers from certain doom, encountered a fistful of life-ending threats, and still has trouble being taken seriously. On the other hand, her personal life is better than ever, thanks to her hot boyfriend Thugboy and understanding best friend Ninjette.

So, yeah. Stuff has gone down and Emp has come a long way, but Ten Questions for the Maidman drops you right into the mix with the info you need to keep up. There's a recap page, a few smooth exposition drops, and then we're off to the races. Pick it up on Wednesday for $3.50, and check out volumes 1-4 and the previous special, The Wench With A Million Sighs, on Dark Horse Digital.

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