Image of an atomic mushroom cloudIt's Sunday? What a week! I've been traveling all over the northeast and our friend Seacord's phone was busted. We finally met up thanks to the Marriott's 24-hour office center that happens to smell a little funny. So do I right now, to tell you the truth. There were not one, but two proms at my hotel this weekend. Boo-ya. Here's what Seacord had to say...

Q: So I'm guessing you saw the Transformers images we posted this week and I'm guessing that you're less than happy with them. What's your beef?

A: OK, I'm not going to say that I'm not a little stoked for this movie now - but as we've seen in the past it takes a LOT to pull off fully CGI'd movies that look somewhat decent. I have no problem with Optimus, he looks dead-on to what we grew up with. What the hell is up with Megatron? Not even close. He really looks like a cross between a jagged EVA (from Neon Genesis for those reading) and a bad sci-fi monster. And by bad I mean cheesy. I don't see anything wrong with adhering a little more to the facial structure of the old Megatron. It's what gave him his personality. This movie just has a lot to live up to after the Transformers animated movie from 20+ years ago. That was a classic. The release date makes me nervous too. This could all too easily become Independence Day sans Will Smith, just with giant robots instead of ... whatever the hell those things were.

Q: You have to admit though, that part in the trailer for Transformers: The Movie where the one robot is on fire running down the freeway is pretty freaking awesome.

A: I agree the chase scene was pretty amazing. But so was the chase seen in the Matrix II. Everything else in that movie was a giant waste of IQ points trying to figure out what Philosophy 101 essay this whole movie idea was taken from. I'm of the mindset that Hollywood has not fully perfected the CGI/Human interaction on screen. It's made leaps and bounds, but the choppy cut sequences make you realize you're watching a movie and, to me, half the fun is not having that ruined when the cut-and-paste job falls below expectations. I think this movie will be entertaining but I really think you can't go into this as a fan of the cartoon, comic, toys, etc. This isn't going to be "our" Transformers. And it just dawned on me that if they have some awful band like Linkin Park or some other rap/metal fusion band sing "More than Meets the Eye" I may walk out right then and there.

Q: This week we also found out that we're getting the Abomination as the villain in the next Hulk movie. This is very, very good news. Are you any more optimistic about this one?

A: No. Again, same reason. It means your major conflict scenes are going to be CG'd. Also it's overkill. It's like pitting Superman against Doomsday. Any story that this movie has will be trumped by the 20-minute fight sequence where some state is going to be leveled by their fighting. OK, having said that now, I'm optimistic. I also think Ed Norton is a great actor. First time I think I've ever changed my mind in two sentences.

Q:Last week you said Norton sucked. And I'm all over a 20-minute fight scene, but I see your point. So - that new Rob Zombie comic looks alright...any thoughts on going to see Lamb of God and Hatebreed in Baltimore next month? What should we expect from that show?

A: Having seen both bands live and from what I hear of the venue, it could be all out war. I thought about it last night, saw the date, and can say without hesitation, I will be there. Both bands are amazing live though I don't think I'll be driving back that night...If anyone hasn't had the opportunity to see these bands live or unless you own Kevlar, I'd stay away. Still...this show will be stopped no less than 3 times for fighting. Wanna take the over under?

Q: I'll take the over on that because at a small club in Baltimore, Lamb of God and Hatebreed gets shut down before Lamb of God even takes the stage. I almost got into more fights seeing Chris Cornell there a few weeks ago than I did seeing Slayer, Down and Lamb of God over a month in DC. I'll stay home and read comics for this one.