It's the End of the Week Explosion! This week Seacord and I get totally excited about the rebirth of an iconic film franchise from the '80s...and it's not the one you're thinking of.

Q: The big post this week was the first Joker image from the Batman sequel. Personally I thought the look was great and I can't wait to see the movie. You?

Yeah bro, I'm really stoked for this one. Not only did Katie Holmes decide not to sign on (leaving any reference to Xenu out of the film), but Christian Bale IS Batman. There are others that have played the role, sure, but Batman Begins is the perfect comic book movie. Every character in it had depth and it far exceeded my expectations. Having said that, I'm going in with super-high expectations for this one and I don't think I'll be let down. The image of the Joker strays from the typical pictures and depictions we've seen. The way the make-up is applied gives it that creepy Silence of the Lambs feel. The Joker is supposed to be a murderer, rapist, unholy criminal and I think that is exactly what he will come off as. I'm really looking forward to the dynamic between Bale and Ledger. Both great actors and if they can pull off the hatred these two feel for one another without conjuring some terrible backstory then mission accomplished, and this will make for a strong contender to surpass the action/adventure of the first movie.

Q: I noticed this image on the site of Chris holding Captain America's shield and it made me laugh. But I was reading Fallen Son: Captain America where Hawkeye was getting grief for putting on the Cap suit and using Cap's shield like it was sacrilegious. I kinda side with Iron Man on this one...Cap would want somebody to use it. So - you for or against somebody else using the shield?

Steve Rogers was a man, Captain America IS an Icon. More so than most comic heroes, Captain America represents an idea more than his powers, uniform, shield, etc. It really speaks to the state of affairs of the political climate not only in the Marvel Universe but in the real world as well. The idea that the man may die but the idea perseveres is essential. Captain America transcends so many things, and in the post-Civil War MU, that symbol is needed more than ever. In my opinion, it would be sacrilege to let that shield gather dust in some memorial somewhere. I also think this debate is great for society in general, not only comics.

Q: News also appeared this week that plans were in effect to make a new He-Man movie. Pretty sure John Woo failed to pull this off a couple years back. Any interest in a new He-Man flick?

He Man and the Masters of the Universe artworkUm, no. I don't know what to say here. I loved the cartoon as a kid. But the Dolph Lundgren version was AWFUL – and that's without all the colorful adjectives I'd love to put in front of that word. Maybe it can be done with the leaps in technology but I don't think He-Man is a cartoon that can translate to the big screen. Some cartoons just can't. I can't think of one actor that could pull off "By the power of Greyskull!," and not just sound really lame. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I'm not optimistic. Shocker, I know.

Q: I actually like the first He-Man movie. To be honest though - the He-Man news is nothing compared to this very "R" rated Rambo IV trailer. '80s action movie violence is back! How awesome is this?

Holy Hell. That is so beyond amazing! The light from kick ass would take seven years to reach us. That just jumped to my number one spot as far as movies I cannot wait for. We both know Die Harder is going to rule, that's just a given, John McClane, that's all you need and you've got a great flick. It is about time they got back to this pure in-your-face explosions, eviscerating, and mind-blowing theatrical violence. I wouldn't recommend kids watch this trailer...well at least not with your parents around. When this movie comes out, call in sick and see it not once, but twice at least. I didn't think it possible to relive the glory day's of '80s movie destruction but with the help from a little growth hormone, it looks like they are going to pull this one off. I don't need to see it to say that it better win best picture. I smell Oscar. OK, so there is no chance of that, but there should be. Maybe if they give it subtitles or film half in black and white it'll have a shot? I can only hope.

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