LTL Prints has just launched a comics wall art series, featuring panels from classic comics like "Flash Gordon" and "The Phantom" -- at up to 7 tall. Made of "self-adhesive fabric paper," the prints can be removed and reapplied from surfaces up to 100 times, and the site allows you to select the size, ranging from a laptop width of less than a foot to around 7 feet tall, depending on the image. The graphics are priced accordingly, and can range from $14.95 for the smallest to around $140 for the largest.

ComicsAlliance has some exclusive selected images after the jump, but there are way, way more on the LTL site; we counted over 50 different "Flash Gordon" panels to choose from. Comic strip fans should also check out the wall art for "Peanuts," "Betty Boop," "Popeye," "Beetle Bailey," and even "Hagar the Horrible" and "Dilbert," which involves life-size appliques of the characters. Or they seem life-size to me, at least? I have no idea how tall Charlie Brown is supposed to be.

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