Erik Reichenbach didn't win Survivor, but the two-time contestant knows a thing or two about the CBS reality show competition - and he's bringing that knowledge to the paneled page with Starving, For Attention: A Completely Legal Parody. Reichenbach, who placed fifth on Survivor: Micronesia in 2008 and placed fifth again on this past season's Survivor: Caramoan, is the writer and artist behind Starving, For Attention. The "completely legal parody" draws on his experiences as a veteran player, with something to say about the nature of reality television. Given the topics covered on Reichenbach's recent Reddit AMA, it's safe to assume his candid take on Survivor will be on full display in his new comic.

From the book's official synopsis:

When Ethan, a lowly fast-food employee, is contacted to compete on a reality television show he can only think of the money. $100,000 dollars is a lot for only a month of work and a free vacation! After finding himself on a deserted island with a handful of wanna-bees, never-where's, and totally unbalanced crazies Ethan quickly realizes he's signed on for more then he bargained for. This is a comic look at what happens when human dysfunction is left to run wild, leading one to question the true nature of "reality" in reality television.

Starving, For Attention is available now at Amazon and you can check out more of Reichenbach's work on his official website.



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