I'm afraid if I mention that post-apocalyptic young adult sci fi with female protagonists has been something of a trend lately, my tone will sound mocking or dismissive. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. I would always rather see another female-led apocalyptic saga than another male-led superhero saga. And as sci fi comics go, The Battles of Bridget Lee: Invasion of Farfall looks particularly exciting.

The Battles of Bridget Lee is a new series of young adult graphic novels by Ethan Young, and Invasion of Farfall, the first installment, is due out September 21, 2016. Young is the writer and artist behind last year's acclaimed nonfiction graphic novel Nanjing: The Burning City, and previously won a 2007 Independent Publisher Book Award for Best Graphic Novel for Tails, a semi-autobiographical fantasy comic.

This new series focuses on Bridget, a young combat medic tied up in the struggle between humanity and invading aliens known as Marauders. Given the distant release date, we haven't seen much yet, but the art sent out by Dark Horse is gorgeous enough to make me make my calendar.




From Dark Horse's press release:


The Battles of Bridget Lee will take readers on a multivolume journey through space as it follows the world’s next heroine to great heights.

There is no longer a generation that remembers a time before the Marauders invaded Earth. The remaining human outposts have been quiet since they fought back the alien aggressors, but there are stirrings of another attack. Bridget Lee, an ex–combat medic now residing at the outpost Farfall, may be the world’s last hope. But Bridget will need to overcome her own fears before she can save her people. Her legend begins here.


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