Northstar has been a big name in the news of late, what with the hero getting married to his boyfriend Kyle in this week's Astonishing X-Men #50, and now the rest of his Alpha Flight teammates can share in the spotlight to a degree with Action Figure Xpress announcing its San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Alpha Flight Minimates box set. Available July 12-15 at Action Figure Xpress Booth 3345, the set includes 2" versions of Canadian heroes Northstar, Guardian, Puck (who is a bit taller than usual in this scenario) and Marrina. The four figures come with a variety of stands helping to replicate their superpowers, and Guardian gets two alternate heads bearing the likeness of alter ego James MacDonald Hudson and the evil robot impostor Delphine Courtney. These four will join Box and Vindicator from the Toys 'R' Us upcoming series 14 for a more fleshed-out team. You can scope out images of the upcoming Alpha Flight Minimates box set after the cut.

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