Massively multiplayer online role-playing games are no stranger to comic book adaptations, but by focusing on a virtual world's real-life cast of characters, Felicia Day's three-issue "The Guild" miniseries may have the most human touch.

Dark Horse Comics has shared with us a 5-page preview of the book's upcoming second issue (written by series star Felicia Day with interior art by Jim Rugg and covers by Matthew Stawicki and Kristin Donaldson), which arrives in stores April 21.

Here's the issue's official synopsis:

Since discovering role-playing games, Cyd Sherman spends more and more time in-game as the healer Codex. As her boyfriend ignores her in favor of his fledgling band and her therapist questions whether or not she has "real" friends, Cyd decides to form her own group within the game after meeting Clara, who teaches her about reputation points, and Zaboo, who introduces her to "friending" within the game.

Enter the world of "The Guild" after the jump.

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