Time means very different something very different in Malachi Ward and Matt Sheean's Expansion, an sci-fi indie comics series where a military spacecraft flees an enemy into an A.T.R. -- abnormal temporal region -- and finds itself in a region of space where time has slowed to a crawl while lifetimes sped by in the world outsides. Within this strange pocket of space, two soldiers encounter an ancient starship manned by a religious group waiting for until the end of civilization to arrive, so that their sect can emerge into an empty universe and begin again.

There are two issues currently available for sale on Ward's website (or at Adhouse Books) with a third coming in October, but we've got a 8-page preview of the first issue for your reading pleasure right now.You may recognize Ward from his sci-fi comic The Beasts of Kay-7 on Top Shelf 2.0, his recent Dylan Williams benefit art, or his totally sweet prints on Etsy.

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